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Capturing an honest day in your life

Family Documentary

My favourite photos of my family are ones that feature mundane, every day moments: lounging while playing video games, terrorizing the cat, wandering the grocery store aisles trying to juggle produce while wearing mismatched pyjamas, and the never ending tidying that seems futile at best. But I also cherish the moments that are harder: the tantrums over being asked to clean their room, the aftermath of a fight that left us saying things we would both regret and never forget, and the tears over being caught in a lie. All of those moments,

the funny and heartbreaking, are what shaped our story. While I love those photos, they never felt like they told the entire story due to them all missing one common element: me.

I was missing from all of these memories due to being behind the camera, and I longed for someone to visit our home and be a fly on the wall while capturing every moment.


I am now offering a Family Documentary service to families who want to preserve raw and honest memories. Please email for more details.

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